Carpet Cleaning Service: Cleaned RIGHT for YOU!

carpet cleaning Service Shakopee ownerOur Carpet Cleaning Service is based on 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry. At Clean Right Services, we use a powerful Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning system to get the job done right. We will pre-treat all traffic areas and spots, and then steam clean to remove all residues. If your carpets are exceptionally dirty we can also use a Rotary Extraction tool before steam cleaning to remove even the toughest dirt and grime. We will move your sofas, tables and most other furniture to provide our customers with a complete carpet cleaning service.

And, we do all this at our quoted prices.

Don’t fall for “bait and switch” scams that advertise ridiculously low prices unless you enjoy hard sell tactics and on the spot negotiations. At Clean Right Services, we will clean your carpets at our advertised prices. Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with our work AND your experience. Our best clients are referrals and we want you to be our advocate!

Be wary of companies offering “Zero Residue” as a unique feature. Professional carpet cleaners with experience in the industry have been leaving carpets clean and residue free for years. Our Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning system provides the necessary extraction power to remove all residues from your carpets, providing environmentally safe, clean, soft and family-ready carpets. Paying extra for a residue-free clean is a marketing trick that is costing homeowners hard-earned dollars, and is used to pay for more marketing!

Before we come out to clean your carpets, we ask you to help us by doing the following:

  • Please vacuum your carpets so that they are prepped for a thorough cleaning
  • If you have irreplaceable family heirlooms, antiques or other valuables displayed that will need to be moved to obtain access to carpet areas for cleaning, we ask you to move these in advance so that we do not risk breaking them
  • If you have a large number of small items displayed that will need to be moved, we ask you to move these in advance also

Contact us to set an appointment. Call Clean Right to come to your home or business and provide a carpet cleaning service that is tailored for your needs!